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genshin gifts

12 Best Gifts for All Genshin Travelers

As a genshin impact player, we have met a lot of wonderful people or things during our travels and participated in a lot of unforgettable activities in genshin impact. In life, travelers also often buy some interested genshin gifts for themselves or their friends. This article will introduce the 12 best genshin gifts for all genshin travelers.From the practical items in life to the periphery of genshin impact that you are interested in, each genshin gift is carefully designed for all travelers. You are free to choose from a variety of genshin gifts that can add more genshin concentration to your life, or you can also pick up some genshin gifts so that you can use them later when you participate in genshin related offline activities.

genshin gifts

1.Genshin Impact Phone Case

Genshin Impact Phone Case will be very cool after the cable and phone necklace, the case will light up according to the rhythm of the music playing or when the message is calling as well.

Genshin Impact Phone Case

2.Genshin Impact Plushies

When you are lonely, your favorite characters in genshin impact will be transformed into Genshin Impact Plushies to be by your side, and you can find any of your favorite character images inside our genshin impact merch.

Genshin Impact Plushies

3.Genshin Impact T-Shirts

Every traveler has their favorite characters, so why not take a look at our Genshin Impact T-Shirts, with elements of several all characters, you can totally shop for your beloved one.

Genshin Impact T-Shirts

4.Genshin Impact Backpacks

Every day when we carry Genshin Impact Backpacks to work or study. We think of the joy they bring us during our travels, and the stress of going to work and studying is much reduced.

Genshin Impact Backpacks

5.Genshin Impact Keychains

Hang these cute Genshin Impact Keychains on your keys, and when you leave the house. These characters will remind you to check if you have your keys with you. So you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your keys again!


6.Genshin Impact Mugs

In the midst of a busy work or school life, these Genshin Impact Mugs will remind you if you’re drinking enough water when you see them. No more waiting until you’re thirsty to remember to drink.

Genshin Impact Xiao Water Cup coffee mug

7.Genshin Impact Stickers

You can stick Genshin Impact Stickers anywhere you want, or use them to decorate all your belongings and increase the concentration of genshin in your life.


8.Genshin Impact Body Pillow

If you are bored or scared when sleeping alone, it’s okay, the Genshin Impact Body Pillow will be the perfect solution. You can snuggle up to it while you sleep and your favorite character will keep you company!


9.Genshin Impact Light Box

This Genshin Impact Light Box can be placed in various areas of your life to bring the genshin character to life!


10.Genshin Impact Mouse Pad

How about using this Genshin Impact Mouse Pad in your life, while it is convenient for office work, I think it will also increase some luck in drawing cards in genshin impact.


11.Genshin Impact Acrylic Stand

You can put this Genshin Impact Acrylic Stand anywhere you can in your life, so that your favorite characters can also be there for you in life, not just in genshin!


12.Genshin Impact Tapestrys

You can find any of your favorite Genshin Impact Tapestrys here. Decorate it in any area of the room to reflect your love for genshin!


The end

In the world of Genshin Impact, every traveler deserves the best in genshin gifts.Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift for another player, these items are the best choice. Click the link now to shop for your favorite genshin gifts!

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